Friday, December 14, 2012

Christmas Party Outfit

Tomorrow should be a fun day.  In the afternoon, I'll go to a small holiday party at my co-worker's house.  In the evening, I'll head over to a friend's birthday. Both events are casual, but festive.  

This is what I plan to wear...

(My bangs and hair color are similar to the girl in my Polyvore collection.)
xmas party

xmas party by artaslife featuring leather oxford shoes


I'll start with this short silky royal blue dress with ruffles.

I like the pretty ruffle and button details.

I'll throw this cardigan over it to make the dress a little more casual, covered, and weather appropriate.

A little silver and crystal bow necklace.

I think bows and ruffles make a nice girly combo.

I'll wear black fleece-lined tights and I'll top off my look with oxford heels and quilted bag.


  1. Very cute! Our company's party is at a restaurant but since Fridays are casual nobody is going to dress up ...

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting, Elaine :-) Hope you had fun at your party!

  2. Lovely ^^
    Following back sweetie

  3. fabulous choises!

    Kisses from Bucharest,


  4. Your bow necklace, shoes and purse are adorable! :)