Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Review-Skinfood Watery Berry

I recently sampled two products from the Skinfood Watery Berry line: The Watery Berry Ampoule and Watery Berry Eye Cream.  I recieved these samples as a free gift when I ordered Tony Moly Lip Tint from an Ebay seller (See the review for that HERE.)  Since my readers tend to like these types of posts, I decided to do a quick review of the products...  

Skinfood is a well-known Korean skin care line but I have never tried anything by them before receiving this sample.

Skinfood Watery Berry Ampoule
is a moisturizer that is supposed to be applied after toner.  I used it at night after showering.  I did not have a Skinfood toner sample, so I used it with my usual Missha Super Aqua Toner.  (You can read about that, and my everyday skin care routine HERE.)  The Skinfood Watery Berry Ampoule is  clear and thin like a serum.  It was light and sunk into my skin quickly.  I like products that are water-based and provide a sheer and non-greasy type of moisture.  Usually any product that has "water" or "aqua" in its name is for me!  This product was definitely the type of light moisturizer that I like best.  Quite honestly, I do not recall anything about the scent of this product.  It definitely did not have a strong smell or anything.  The Watery Berry Ampoule left my skin feeling smooth and not at all greasy, and there was no oily feeling when I woke up in the morning, either. I loved the smooth effect this product gave my skin!  I would definitely buy this, and I would recommend this for anyone with with normal to slightly dry skin.  I'd love to try more Skinfood products.  I will surely be making a stop in the Skinfood store the next time I'm in Seoul!

Watery Berry Eye Cream
I am really concerned about caring for the skin under my eyes.  It is so thin and prone to bagging and dark circles.  That area has bothered me my whole life, but now I am also concerned with preventing lines and wrinkles.  I recently invested in a dermatologist-recommended eye cream (SkinMedica TNS Eye Repair), and I have had really good results with it.  I've noticed that my skin is tighter and less puffy.  So how did the Watery Berry Eye Cream measure up?  Well, it was a cream, but still had a somewhat light texture compared to other eye creams.  It was surprisingly moisturizing for the weight of it.  A little went a long way, too.  The small packet was enough for me, my sister, my mom , and my grand mom to all sample it!  We all raved about the silky texture.  My mom called it "luscious." (Haha.)  It did not absorb as quickly as the SkinMedica cream, though.  My eyes are prone to random puffiness but there was no puffing or bagging the next day.  I would have to try the product for more than one day in order to give an entirely fair review of its effects on puffs and wrinkles, but I was quite pleased with the performance of this product based on this one try.  I think this is a good eye cream, especially if you don't have any serious under eye concerns and are just looking for a little moisture and wrinkle prevention.

Overall, I was impressed with the quality of this line and would highly recommend these two Watery Berry products.

Have you tried these or any Skinfood products? What did you think? I'd love to hear your opinions, so leave a comment below!    


  1. Thank you for sharing the news about the Skinfood Watery Berry line! The review was definitely helpful and convinced me that I should maybe give this line a try :)


    1. Hi Victoria :-) While I haven't tried THAT many products from Korea, I've tried a few, and so far there was only one that I didn't like. They make nice skin care products.

  2. I've never tried any of Skinfood products before, they sound great though. It's good how the eye cream was enough for four of you!
    Chloe xx

    1. Hehe..yeah we had a little family eye cream sampling before going to bed! It was really funny :-) Thanks for stopping by, Chloe!

  3. I used my Skin Food everyday and its perfect..

    i love this product