Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Bargain Brag-Franklin Mills Mall

I stopped at Franklin Mills Mall yesterday searching for some Christmas gifts and found two really great deals I couldn't pass up.

In Marshall's, I found this adorable yet basic royal blue skater dress with splits in the shoulders.

There were a few more left in this style in sizes small and medium in a lighter shade of blue, teal, and coral. The dress has belt loops for a skinny belt. 

The color I bought is a deep true royal blue, it looks a little lighter in my picture, due to the flash.  The fabric is soft, thick, and stretchy.

I got this on clearance for only $5.00!!!

Some ideas for how to style this dress using items from my wardrobe.

blue dress ideas

blue dress ideas by artaslife featuring yves saint laurent

At Rue 21, I got this belt... FOR ONLY $1!

I have a soft spot for woven ethnic print items because they remind me of the time I spent in Guatemala.

I thought it would go with this denim boho dress that I have, for a casual breezy summer look.

(lol-Don't mind my ice cream cone!)

Ideas on how to incorporate the belt with items I already own.

summer boho


  1. Wow, it is very cheap~~~
    I love it~~~

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    1. Hi Viola..actually that's a really cool idea! I love the thought of connecting people who like my blog to bloggers who I enjoy myself. I need some time to figure out who are my favorites, but when I add a blogroll, I promise you I'll let you know..and you will be on there-of course. Really, thanks for the idea! And also for telling me about "She" :-)

  2. You are one clever shopper! That's a great dress for $5 :) x

    1. Thanks, yeah I think this was a particularly great deal!

  3. Thank you that follow my blog!!! I follow you back!
    Beautiful outfit, perfect in every way! You look absolutely gorgeous!

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  5. Awesome post!

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  6. Super cute dress and amazing price. Marshalls is a great place to find bargains. Old Navy is one of my favorite bargain stores because their clearance is ahh-mazing and dirt cheap! :)


    1. OMG you just reminded me..I used to get the BEST deals at Old Navy in San Francisco!!! Like super good stuff! Here in Philly, I don't find the same steals like I did out there. sighhhh :-)