Friday, December 21, 2012

Bargain Brag- Extreme Couponing?

I love a good bargain! It seems logical that I would be a big coupon-user, but surprisingly, I NEVER use coupons!  They just seem like such a hassle.  I've watched the TV show "Extreme Couponing" and been amazed by the savings the participants got.  Those cases are extreme, though, and those people spend all their time thinking of coupons.  I can imagine a million things I'd rather do than clip and organize coupons. It just seems pointless to do all that work just to save a few cents. I have never had the patience for it.  

But when I visited my dentist for my check-up last week, she gave me a few sets of coupons for Colgate products.  They were for 50 cents off of Colgate toothbrushes and toothpaste, and $1.00 off of Colgate Total toothpaste.  I immediately thought of the fact that they carry Colgate at the Dollar Tree, which is a store where all items are only one dollar.  

I headed over there to rack up on some 50 cent oral hygiene products.  The best part was, they actually had a small size of Colgate Total, which is not something they normally carry.  Since I had three $1 dollar off coupons for Total I snagged three tubes for free!!! AWESOME.  

This whole haul of items cost me only $1.50.  

So, will I become an extreme couponer? I doubt it... but it was pretty cool getting such a good deal!

So, do you love or hate coupons? Have you gotten any good coupon deals lately?


  1. Nice work!!! I'm in England and I'm not sure we get so many coupons over here?

    1. Yeah..I'm not sure about England, but here in the States its almost trendy to be into using coupons. There are even TV shows and blogs devoted to it! Its great saving money, but I'd rather do something fun than clip coupons :-)