Saturday, November 3, 2012

Universal Love

Today I would like to share my favorite meditation.  I ordered a CD of guided Zen Buddist Meditations back around 2006, and that is where I first discovered Metta Meditation, which focuses on universal loving kindness.  I have used it ever since, although I won't lie and say I am consistent in my meditation practice.  Still, I can see the impact it has on my thoughts and my mood when I do it.

The first step is to relax, and wish yourself well.  Next, you wish well to someone you love and care about, then you wish well to someone you don't know very well.  The next step is the most difficult, where you wish well to someone you don't like.  Finally, you expand your well wishes until they include the whole world.  It is very calming and makes you feel great!

I love that it is short and simple and something that can easily fit into my busy day.  If you google Metta Meditation or loving kindness meditation, you can find a number of versions and also information regarding the practice.  The video I am including is the one I use.  Since I am on the computer often, I like it being on YouTube rather than the audio track I used to use.  I hope you enjoy and find this beneficial.  I'm interested to know about the meditation, mantras, prayer, or other spiritual practices that are a mainstay in your life. Please comment!

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