Friday, November 16, 2012

Bargain Brag- Mandee

Some Awesome Buys I recently got from Mandee

Who doesn't love a bargain??? I am obsessed with getting a good deal, and I get great joy from knowing that I got something good for way less than it cost most people! So I want to occasionally share the best bargains I find, both on the web and here in Philadelphia.  I purchased these items about two weeks ago, but in the future, I'll try to post sooner.

Mandee is a junior's store, mostly here in the Northeast US (PA, NJ, NY).  They have cute clothes, but I generally find them to be higher priced than other juniors stores like Forever 21, but not higher quality.  There is a Mandee near the Ross that I shop at often, so once in awhile, I'll check it out too.  One thing I always get deals on in Mandee is ACCESSORIES! I've found really pretty belly rings for a couple dollars, jewelry for $2 and less, and once I even got some full size nail polishes for 70 cents each.
On this particular occasion, all of the clearance was an additional 25% off of already low clearance prices, so I got some pretty amazing deals. 

Inspired by recent issues of Vivi magazine, I had been looking for one of these collar necklaces on Ebay. Most were around $10 and shipped from China. I found this one on sale for $5.00 meaning I paid only $3.75 after the additional 25% off!

Clearance priced at 99 cents, I got these sparkly little animal print studs for only 75 cents!!!! And since there are so many, I plan on giving a few pairs to my sister...not bad for less than a buck!

Finally, I got this braided black and silver bead cuff bracelet for only 75 cents!!! 

These prices were pretty extraordinary for this store, but Mandee is definitely worth checking out.  You can hit a good sale occasionally, especially on accessories. The location where is got these sales is:
 Mandee - Northeast Tower, PA
4640-60 E. Roosevelt Blvd.
Philadelphia, PA 19124

What's the best deal you've gotten lately?

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