Friday, November 2, 2012

Makeup Essentials

What's in my makeup bag?

These are my makeup must-haves that I use everyday or almost every day.

Missha Signature Wrinkle Filler BB Cream

This was my first ever BB cream. I bought it a year ago in Korea.  It is just about gone now, but it lasted really well considering that  I use it everyday.  I like the medium coverage and smooth application.  It also has a super pretty bottle, and a slight scent. I didn't like the idea of scented face makeup at first but it has grown on me.

MAC Studio Finish Concealer

This is a creamy concealer with good coverage.


Clinique Perfecly Real Compact Makeup

I love the clean and basic feel of this compact.  It is like a thick and smooth pressed powder.  I use it during the summer because I find that BB cream makes my skin too shiny during the hot summer months.

Missha Under Eye Brightener

I grabbed this at the Missha store in Seoul because it was really inexpensive.  I didn't like it at first but I gave it another try, and I have been using it a lot lately.  It covers dark circles pretty well (although not as well as my MAC concealer) and it gives a brightening effect.

L'oreal True Match Blush in Innocent Flush

This is the only blush I own, but it is a very sweet, light, and natural color that doesn't overwhelm my pale skin.

MAC Mineralize Eyeshadow in Family Silver

I've had this shadow for quite a long time. It is worn down to one little strip where the two colors meet in the middle. 
I've worn shimmery whitish beige colors like this since I was a teenager because its a perfect everyday shade that adds a little polish to my look without a lot of color or smokiness.  It really opens up your eyes. 

Mac Travel Compact Kit-Warm

I like this palette because it has some of the fun colors I wear often.  The coral, mauve, olive green, and gold colors really flatter my light golden brown eyes.  The lightest color is another one of those shimmery light colors that I so that one is all gone!  I use the dark brown to shadow the corners of my eyes almost every day, unless I want a smokier look and opt for black.

Clinique High Impact Mascara

This mascara doesn't wow me, but it is what I'm currently using. I always have some random black mascara in my bag...I like some more than others, but I'm not picky.  You can't go wrong with Clinique.

Estee Lauder Eyepencil in Soft Smudge Black

Black eyeliner is my most essential and dramatic makeup tool.  All the rest of my makeup is light and subtle, but I wear lined eyes, and it really makes a difference.  When I'm spotted not wearing makeup people always say, "Wow your eyes look tired!" due to my lack of liner. I like this liner because it works well to create either a heavier line or a smudgy smokier effect.

Urban Decay Naked Palette

I was looking to invest in a good palette so I read a lot of reviews and watched a lot of makeup gurus on YouTube and there was one name that stood out: The Naked Palette.  I fell in love as soon as I saw it. Every single color is one that I would wear regularly.  There is also a Naked II-and it is amazing too- but I went with the original. I love this palette and use it every day! I bought mine on for about $50. It also comes with a shadow primer.

Here is a video comparison of the Naked and Naked II palettes:

So these are my must haves. What is your favorite makeup product and why?

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