Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Nature Republic Botanical Fresh BB Cream Review

My Missha BB cream is officially gone! Oh no! Luckily, I have some new ones that I picked up in Korea last summer.  I will review them as I try them...  

One fine summer day, I set out with my boyfriend on a BB Cream mission in the small city of Cheongju.  I examined various bottles as over-attentive sales girls hovered nearby, bemused at the sight of a clueless foreigner in their shop.  My boyfriend's bad translations of the packaging all sounded like some variation of "made with flowers and essences to enhance charming beauty."  Not at all helpful! OMG, how was I going to choose one?  And why hadn't I done my research before going shopping?  With only a few days left until I returned to the US, I wouldn't have time to shop again before leaving.  I pondered a plan of action.  Most of the BB's I priced were somewhere in the $20 range, but I didn't want take my chances on products I knew nothing about.  Finally, I went with quantity over quality and searched for smaller or less expensive BB's. In the end I bought four bottles from three different stores. 

The first I am trying is the Nature Republic Botanical Fresh BB Cream
This BB was a great deal!  At about 7,000 won full price (roughly $7US), it was already less expensive than most of the other BB creams in Nature Republic, which ran in the $15-$20 range.  On top of that, there was a very good sale going on and many items were marked down.  I got it for only 3,500 won! (about $3.50)  What a steal!

I like this BB cream.  I did not see more than one color option, and this is slightly darker than my previous BB cream but still blends well with my skin.  It has very good coverage, possibly better than my last.  It applies nice and creamy, but it has a more matte finish, which I like.  It gives a fresh look.  Like my other, BB cream, it has a scent.  At first, the scent in BB cream bothered me, but now I like it.  Not that the scents are unpleasant, it was just unusual to me to use a skin makeup that was scented.  However, once I got used to the idea, I actually began to enjoy the scent of BB cream.  Overall, I like this product.  I think it is good for anyone who wants a fair amount of coverage and is not looking for an overly dewy finish.  I scored this BB cream for an amazing price, but it can be found online for about $10, which is still inexpensive for online BB cream.       
Feel free to comment and tell us about your favorite BB cream. 


  1. hey there, can u tell me whts the differents between the fresh and the pure one? and which one is better? i've noticed tht the pure one is a lil bit cheaper than the fresh one, right? i hope u can respond this asap! thanks xx

    1. Hi. So sorry for the late reply, I not checked in to my blog in quite some time! I am not sure what the difference is between the two. All I can tell you is that I have been using the Fresh BB daily since I wrote this blog back in November, and I really like it! I'm down to the very end of the tube and still trying to squeeze out the last drops. I like the medium coverage and the non-dewy finish. I highly recommend it. Hope that helps.