Monday, November 5, 2012

Philly Bargains- 89 Cents Direct

Today I got one compliment after another on my earrings, which made me smile. Little did my friends know, I got them for only 89 cents! That's right, 89 CENTS! So, it inspired me to spread the word about one of my favorite places to hunt bargains, 89 Cents Direct, right here in Philadelphia.

89 Cents Direct is a store that sells inexpensive products imported from China.  They carry just about any type of item you can imagine, and everything is 89 Cents. Unlike DollarTree, you are not going to find much in the way of brand name merchandise at 89 Cents Direct.  However, what I like about the store is that they have a unique selection of products.  Some of the types of products they sell:

  • Seasonal Merchandise- Decorations, holiday themed paper plates, Halloween bags, Costumes, Thanksgiving table decorations, Christmas Wrap
  • Greeting Cards
  • Party Goods
  • Helium Balloons  
  • Toys
  • Food
  • Housewares- Dishes, glasses, chopsticks, plastic containers
  • Household Items- Cleaning supplies, gloves, aprons, home improvement
  • Gift Items-picture frames, vases, knick knacks
  • Clothing Items- Caps, bras, flip flops, scarves, hosiery
  • Stationary- Stickers, books, coloring books, notebooks, pens, pencils, art supplies
  • Hair Products- Shampoo, Styling Products, hair accessories for women and girls
  • Personal Care- Soap, deodorant, makeup
  • Jewelry- Earrings, rings, bracelets, necklaces, occasionally anklets, toe rings or body jewelry 
89 Cents Direct is located on Roosevelt Boulevard in North East Philadelphia.  It is in the shopping center nearby Target, so I usually check it out whenever I make a trip to Target.  There is also a DollarTree store, ShopRite, and Sally Beauty Supply in the same strip mall.  Because I only search for certain types of items, the 89 Cents store is hit or miss, so I like to stop in when I have another reason to visit the shopping center. 

What do I buy there? 

I stick to the accessories, because they have a fun assortment and it is sooo cheap! 
I especially love the jewelry.  For 89 cents, it is not high quality, of course, but I enjoy wearing fashion costume jewelry.  I just want something cute, trendy, and now, it doesn't need to last. I have seen some of the very same pieces that 89 Cents Direct carries for sale in juniors stores for much higher prices.  So the quality is not necessarily poorer than other retailers. They sell cards of stud earrings containing 9 pairs for 89 cents! That's only ten cents a pair!  Often, they carry large zirconia studs, so I always grab them when I see them.  Last summer, when arms full of bracelets were so hot, I got some really cute ones at 89 Cents Direct. I also got a few really nice long necklaces. I don't use hair accessories too much, but they sometimes have some pretty ones.  Also, I occasionally buy their stationary supplies such as envelopes, stickers, etc.

This is the store.

It is located at 11000 Roosevelt Blvd back in the corner under the World Gym sign.

Here are a few of the items I purchased there.

These are the earrings that many of my friends liked today. They are little silver tone pearl encrusted bows, about as wide as a dime, with a few rhinestones in the center.


My long silver owl necklace. I got him quite awhile ago, but I still love him!

A book of Hello Kitty stickers.

 This is a fleece Burberry-esque scarf.  Can't beat that for 89 cents!

A cute little plastic comb and mirror set.

The comb pulls out and it opens to a mirror....and these random Chinese ladies!!! Hahaha...I think its showing that you can add a picture in there but I left the Chinese ladies because they make me laugh.

This is another mirror compact. It opens to two mirrors inside. It has a cute little doll on the front.

She is one of those moving pictures, her eyes open and close. I saw this very same compact at Joyce Leslie for $3.99.

I hope you enjoyed my introduction to 89 Cents Direct. It is a place I visit regularly hoping to score some good and inexpensive things.  Check it out and see if you find anything!

Click here to visit 89 Cents Direct's Website. 

Do you have any fun shopping stops like this? Share the love, leave a comment below.


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