Sunday, November 4, 2012 Fashion is an amazing style resource!

How it works:

I stumbled upon while searching fashion online.  It is a site where users can post their looks of the day. Anyone can browse the looks posted to the site.  You can choose whether you want to view guys, girls, or both.  If you belong to the community you can also comment on looks or give them "hype," which is a rating system uses to rank looks by popularity.  There are a few ways to browse the site:

  • Hot looks are ordered by a combination of newness and "hype." 
  • New looks are posted newest first, but there is also something called a "Karma filter" which you can use to show only members who regularly contribute to the community, or you can turn off the filter to see looks posted by any member, including newbies.  
  • Top styles have the most "hype" so they are the best rated looks on the site.
  • Leaders is a tab that you can use to view the top contributors from the past day,week, month, or of all time.

Why is so awesome: features "real" fashion.  Ok, granted, most of the top contributors are somehow related to the fashion industry...Many times they are fashion retailers, merchandisers, students, bloggers, artists, wannabe models or photographers.  However, that is what makes so amazing.  The photographs are usually stunning and professional quality, the people are generally very attractive, and the fashion is up-to-the-second.  No fashion magazine delivers such a variety of fashion perspectives at once.  And since someone is always contributing, the looks are endless and the styles are fresher than just about anywhere else.  Browsing the page, you can easily pick up on the hottest trends of the moment.  I usually take some time to flip through each day and bask in all the fashion goodness!   

Here is a sampling of some of the styles posted today:

(all photos are from taken from

This is a video compilation of various lookbook looks, it is a little old, but still gives a nice view of what lookbook is all about:

So, fellow fashionistas, do you have a go-to fashion source? Please comment and share the love!


  1. amazing post! I am in love with Thank you for the wonderful comment on my blog. I will work on my top picks for fall and winter, thank you for the idea. ( stay tuned)

  2. Thank you! Your comment was my first ever. (I just started blogging) I subscribed to you, so I will check out your future posts! I see you do lookbook, pretty outfits!