Friday, November 2, 2012

The Birth of My Blog

I was walking home from work one day last spring.  It was a beautiful afternoon, yet, I felt a sense of underlying discontent.  I had this nagging urge that I wanted something bigger and better than my current circumstances.  Deep in thought, I walked down the familiar streets of the neighborhood where I grew up.
Suddenly, I was struck with the realization that my thinking was flawed.  The specifics of your life don't matter as much as the way you interact with and interpret your experience.  An artist's hand puts its own subtle distortions and style on the subject it represents.  The photographer takes a picture, but the way she frames the shot is where the art lies.  So, from that day on I began to view my life as an artistic project that I develop through every thought and reaction to my reality, that I shape with every one of the millions of tiny choices I make every day.  I see myself as the creator of my life experience and I want to live my life as an expression of my own special brand of beauty and style.

Recently, I thought of solidifying my unique point of view as a blog.  I envision my blog as a sort of lifestyle magazine, that showcases the things I love, believe, value, and hold dear.  In the process, I hope to exchange ideas and connect with some people that share my point of view.  Although I have learned some amazing things browsing information in random blogs, this is an exciting new venture for me into the actual world of blogging.  Some topics I plan to cover are Fashion, Beauty, Shopping, The Law of Attraction, Culture, and Travel.  I hope you find something useful for creating your own artful experience!          

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