Thursday, January 23, 2014

Hair Ideas (Magazine Scans)

I must admit...When it comes to my hair, I'm just plain lazy!  

I have fine, thin hair and it takes a lot of work to make it look half decent.  You would think that since my sister is a hairstylist, I would be really into hair stuff.  Well, my sister is the only reason my hair ever looks good!  Every now and then she wrangles me into her chair kicking and screaming and gives me a new cut, color, or style.  When left to my own devices, though, I pull my hair into a ponytail and call it a day. 

Lately, I have been trying to break this habit and put more effort into styling my hair.  Up until now, I had always I flipped past anything that had to do with hair.  Now I started adding some cute style ideas to my "look book" (You can check out my post about that here.)  So, I thought I'd share a few hair-related articles that I saved from various magazines as inspiration.  Hope you enjoy!

I find the feature on Jessica Alba especially inspiring, because she is a fine-haired girl!

So, do you like staying up on new hairstyles and trying new looks or do you keep it simple? What is your favorite trend of the moment?


  1. I'm definitely the "bang it out" person LOL nice post! :) Followed you! Follow back,
    Love, Shabana

    1. I agree-bangs are so cute! I recently grew out my bangs..but now I'm debating on if I should cut them again :-)

  2. I love this post! Lovely



  3. Great inspirations but i'm exactly like you... So lazy :(

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