Saturday, February 1, 2014

Bargain Brag: Mini Haul-Target, 89 Cents Direct, Dollar Tree

 Hello everyone!  Hope you are having a wonderful weekend.  Here are a few bargains I scored while out shopping today...

 I got these pink and black washed Mossimo jeans at Target.  They were only $6.88!  The great part is they are an "ankle" cut with a 29" inseam.  I'm loving the ankle styles that are all over because as a shorty, it means that I can actually find jeans with trendy washes and other embellishments that are a wearable length for me.  I like the fun color and the stud detail of this pair.  I really wish these weren't low-rise, but with the good length and great price I surely can't complain! 

My sister has been looking to buy some under eye cream, and she actually spotted this deal.  This Target-exclusive set contains RoC eye cream and Neutrogena mascara.  It was on clearance for $11.48, but my sister found the exact same RoC eye lotion, same size and all, selling by itself for $20 just an aisle away!  

I've never tried Roc, but my sister said she's heard good things about the brand, so I thought I would give it a try.

I've also never used Neutrogena masacara.  So, this set was a great way to try both of these out at a bargain price.

I believe in the power of massage as a way to encourage circulation, and discourage weight gain and water retention.  I picked up these little massagers for $1 each at Dollar Tree.

I grabbed this 4 pack of colorful mesh bath poufs at 89 Cents Direct for only 89 cents. 

This earring set was an unbeatable bargain...just 89 Cents at 89 Cents Direct!  Twelve pairs of colorful faux pearl earrings for less than a dollar!  OMG-I love this store!!! Although I regularly wear simple earrings like these, I really bought these more for the nice plastic stand.  I plan to take the pearls off and use it to display my favorite stud earrings.

This neon green friendship-style bracelet from 89 Cents Direct features a blingy Hamsa hand.  I think this will go great with festival-style summer looks. 

This darling pearl bracelet from 89 Cents Direct is trimmed with a silver mesh bow. This will be perfect for demure Asian-inspired spring time looks with lots of lace, peachy neutrals, and tan accessories.

So, what beauty or fashion bargains have you picked up lately?