Sunday, January 12, 2014

Personal Style-Magazine Inspiration

I am extremely indecisive and I don't feel that my sense of style is well-defined.  In an attempt to develop better fashion decision-making skills, I started a "look book" where I choose a few items that I really like from any catalog or magazine that I happen to have.  Its nothing fancy-I just glue or tape the pictures into a spiral notebook.  I have been keeping my look book for more than a year now and I feel that it does help me to see patterns in my personal taste and focus more on the styles that I am most drawn to. 

You can see my earlier look book posts here and here.

The following are looks I've collected over the past six months or so.  When I began, my only sources were People Stylewatch and catalogs such as Delia's and Alloy.  Now, I

have subscriptions to various magazines, so my look book has gotten more diverse. 

I like to keep nail polish advertisements with swatches of their newest colors.  It gives me an idea of the trendy colors for that season, and sometimes instead of buying new, I can stay on-trend by using similar colors that I already own. 

   So, would you say your style is well-defined or very fluid?  How would you describe your personal style?


  1. I like this idea. Even though so many people (including myself) use Pinterest for this type of inspiration now, it's so easy to just pin a board and then never look at it again, and just keep pinning to it, adding items to it that you'll never give another thought to. I'd much rather do what I used to and what you're doing now, so that I can have my vision at arm's length and literally just flip through what I want to look at instead of clicking through my inspiration. In fact, I might just have to start this up again today. I definitely have some magazines that shout "cut me!" Haha.

    By the way, I just nominated you for the Liebster award on my blog (

    1. Awesome! I hope you do :-) It's a great way to use all the magazines you might have lying around! Thank you so much for your nomination...I'm honored you thought of me!!! I have not forgotten about it. I will definitely run a post about it soon! So keep your eyes out for it in the next week or so. Take care, Chelsea!