Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Travel Pics-Lake Titicaca, Peru

I just noticed it has been a really long time since I posted any of my travel pics.  Here are some old pics of Lake Titcaca that I took during my study abroad in Peru.  We took a boat tour of two islands on the lake. Titicaca was such a beautiful and other-worldly place, like nothing else I have seen.  If you plan to visit Peru, Lake Titicaca is not to be missed!

Approaching one of the floating islands of Uros...

These islands are made entirely out of reeds that grow 
in the lake: the houses, boats, even the island itself are made from them. 


Indigenous people dressed in traditional clothing sang us a song.

    We got to ride in a reed boat to the next island. 

Snow-capped mountains in the distance towards the Bolivian border. 

A traditional dance for us on another island.  

Hope you enjoyed this little glimpse of Peru.  I will be posting more travel photos and articles soon, because I will be visiting in Guatemala in 2 weeks!  

So, what place have you visited that you think has an other-worldly feel?


  1. Oooh I'll be in Peru in 2 months!

    How long does it take from Cuzco or Lima to Lake Titicaca? And did you go with a tour company? Any you'd recommend?

    1. I traveled from Cuzco to Puno, which is the city closest to the lake. From Cuzco it was a pretty long ride. We took an overnight bus with lots of stops which was about 12 hours. But I think a non-stop will get you there in about 6. My friend and I booked with one of the little travel agents that are on every block in Cuzco. We took the bus to Puno then from Puno we took an all-day tour of the lake that stopped at 2 islands in Uros, and then the island of Taquile. We stayed overnight in Puno. Instead of taking the regular bus back to Cuzco, we took a tour bus that took about 9 hours and stopped at 4 or 5 points of interest on the way back. It was such an amazing and unforgettable trip. I highly recommend a tour like ours. I feel like it was perfect as far as the timing and activity level: not too cram-packed, not too leisurely. I can't remember the cost, but it was not very expensive at all and worth every penny! I don't know the name of the agency we used, but I recommend you book while there, rather than online with a tour company. My experience is that you get a better price booking locally for the same tours that they offer online. Hope that helps :-) Have a great time in Peru! It is really a beautiful place and the people are very kind, I'm sure you will love it!

    2. Ooooh I was doing some research last night but didn't find any overnight buses. I think that might be the way to go for us as we don't have a lot of time so using sleeping time as travel time would be great.

      I might come back to you with Peru-related travel questions if that's ok? Looks like you had a fab time over there.


    3. Yeah, my friend and I did also the overnight bus thing due to timing issues. The bad thing is that we were told the bus would have fulling reclining seats, but it didn't. It was also really cold on that bus, so it was not exactly a comfy night's sleep. However the timing did work out great,and we couldn't have done it better any other way. Please feel free to ask any question you might have! And hope you do some Peru travel posts when you get back :-)

    4. Leaving in 21 days!! Beyond excited. I will most def do some travel posts when I get back. Really excited about Lake Titicaca :)

  2. Really breathtaking :)