Thursday, July 11, 2013

Outfit: Fireworks by the Water Front

Romantic afternoon

Romantic afternoon by artaslife featuring saddle bags

I wore this outfit to watch fireworks over the waterfront.  Afterwards we stopped for a couple of drinks at a sidewalk cafe.

My favorite part of this outfit is my grandmother's gold baby locket.  My grandma turned 99 years old in May, so this locket is from 1914!  What I love most about the locket is that you can see dents from where she used to bite it when she was teething, which makes it even more precious in my eyes!  



  1. Love the bag and shoes !! ^^
    Nice style ^^ I just followed you, I'll be glad if u can follow me back ^^

  2. Hey I´m your newest follower=) Look at my blog and follow if you like =) Nice outfit... You´re so pretty!!! Have a nice day!!