Saturday, July 6, 2013

Review:'s Head Chain

Today I would like to share my experience ordering from 

I recently received this awesome lion's head chain from for review purposes.  I previously wrote a post about the site which you can check out HERE.  

In case you have never heard of Clothingloves, it is an online store that ships world-wide.  They sell a huge variety of discount clothing and jewelry items.  You can find anything from wholesale dresses to women's leggings, or even men's jackets.  Clothingloves has tons of really adorable and inexpensive clothes!  The style of women's clothing they sell is youthful, trendy, and fashion-forward.  And, if you like Asian-inspired fashion like I do, check out their sweet and pretty "Korean" style clothes and jewelry.  Here are just a few examples of items I like from Clothingloves.

So, on to my review...
My experience so far with clothingloves has been excellent.  They had good shipping and a great product.  I will definitely order from them in the future.  I recommend that you check them out!  

I placed my order and received my necklace in about 3 weeks.  This is quick considering that the company is based in China and I live in the US.  The amount of shipping time was about what I expected, or a little faster, based on my experience with Chinese sellers on Ebay.  (If it is your first time ordering internationally, it is good to keep in mind that the shipping will likely take longer than you are used to within your country.  This is also why the shipping charge might seem high compared to other domestic websites.)

My necklace was shipped in this bubble mailer to protect it.

It came neatly packed on a hanging card and in plastic wrapping.

The necklace was exactly as pictured on the clothingloves site!  My pictures don't even do this chain justice.

What was most impressive about this necklace is the weight.  The links and lion are solid and heavy.  It feels sturdy and high-quality.

This necklace has been showing up on all of the fashion blogs.  When I first ordered it, I had yet to see it in a local store.  Since I got my necklace, though, I have seen some similar chains popping up in discount junior's stores.  The price of those necklaces was similar to the price of mine, but the chains had thin cheap-looking links and the gold color was really orange.  The overall quality of the pieces could not begin compare to this one from clothingloves!

Here are some pictures of one of my favorite Lookbook contributors, Lua P., wearing a similar lion chain. I absolutley LOVE her style.  She is PERFECT! (Photos from

And here are a few of my own styling options for my necklace:

lion 3

lion 2

lion 2 by artaslife featuring a round cap

lion 1

lion 1 by artaslife featuring retro-style dresses

So, have you ever ordered from Clothingloves?  What is your statement jewelry piece of the moment?


  1. This post makes me more excited for my lion necklace, too. I know it will arrive by next week. I ordered it from different store though. I hope mine is same as yours, about the weight and solid item.

    XX, IamJenniya
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  2. amazing necklace!
    I follow you :)

  3. Great necklace! Gonna check the site out now.... :)

    x Gi

  4. Oh my goodness, how have I never heard of this site before?! Definitely checking them out!

  5. I've never heard of the brand before. Love your head piece though. Would love to see it on you!

    Em x

  6. gorgeous pieces off to visit their site to see what other great jewelry I can find! thanks for sharing this! xx. gigi.

  7. Very cool! It's always good to hear a positive review and the piece is quite awesome. Enjoy it! :)

  8. wow.. nice review =)
    thanks for sharing dear!!
    visit mine sometimes!

  9. I love it! It's very unique and I love chain necklaces. :)

  10. Nice necklace!