Monday, December 8, 2014

New In: Ebay Jewelry

Hi Everyone! Here are a few of my latest Ebay finds...

This map watch is really similar to one I was eyeing at Urban Outfitters for $34, but I found this great retro-style watch on Ebay for just $2.78!  That even includes shipping from China.

This crystal necklace is just so pretty and delicate!  It is slightly smaller than my other crystal necklace from ebay.  It was only $1.63 (for just the pendant without a necklace) and it always gets compliments.

These gold layered necklaces are similar to more expensive styles that I admired, but these were just 99 cents each-including shipping!

Whenever I see a new watch or jewelry trend that I like, I try to track a similar style down on Ebay. That way, I can own all the newest styles while spending next to nothing. 

So, what do you like to buy from Ebay?


  1. Those are some great finds. Kind of jealous :-)
    Bright Shiny Day

  2. Great finds, love the watch so much, I've seen the one in Urban Outfitters. I have only bought off ebay a few times, I always forget about it! I bought my sister a necklace with her name on it for Christmas last year :D
    amber love

  3. I wanted the one at Urban Outfitters too! I have been looking for a cheaper one. Thanks for posting this!

  4. Fabulous accessories.
    Obsessed with the watch

    Love Vikee