Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Bargain Brag: Jeffrey Campbell Black Friday Score!

On Black Friday, I noticed that the Urban Outfitters near my job had 50% off of all clearance.  I decided to stop by to see if I could pick up any nice Christmas gifts.  I did find a few gifts (I'm not totally greedy!) but the best find was actually for me! 

I scored these adorable Jeffrey Campbell Ivar Velvet sandals for just $30

Even the box is cute! 

I've always admired Jeffrey Campbell shoes.  I feel their style really fits my aesthetic, but I've never owned a pair because their price range doesn't usually fit my budget. 

I was shocked when I saw these $125.00 shoes were marked down to $59.99 with an additional 50% off, making them only $30!!! 

I really needed a new pair of dressy shoes, and I loved that these could be worn either dressy or casual.  

The best thing about the shoes is that they are not just cute, but also soooo comfortable.  The inside is very cushioned and the straps fit perfectly. You could easily dance all night in these.   

When I came home I checked Urbanoutfitters.com and found that the same style is currently selling for their full price of $125 online. OMG!  I'm so excited about this super score.  I'll definitely be rocking these adorable chunky sandals on New Years Eve! 

So, what great deals did you find this Black Friday?


  1. How exciting, I really want to get my first pair of Jeffrey Campbells. I also got some good deals in the black friday sales but online so I am still waiting for them to arrive.

  2. Fabulous shoes

    Love Vikee

  3. Oh my... you are so luckyyyy! :D I love JC too!
    I wish there's a black friday sale in my country too :)