Monday, October 27, 2014

New In: Crystal Necklace from Ebay + Ebay Tips

One of the fashion bloggers that I follow recently posted a crystal jewelry haul, and her post inspired me to get some 90's-style crystal jewelry of my own. I started my search for cool crystal jewelry on  Although Urban Outfitters had exactly what I was looking for, I decided to see if I could find better prices on Ebay.  I discovered quite a few similar styles from Chinese sellers on Ebay.  It was so hard to choose, but I settled on this simple amethyst pendant with a silver-tone setting and chain.     

Most listings were for just the pendant alone, but since I didn't have a chain that was appropriate, I looked for a set. This pendant and necklace pair was just $2.78 including shipping from China! It was exactly as described in the listing and I absolutely love it. It is even prettier in person than in the pictures.  This seller also has a variety of stones to choose from in the same style.  You can find the exact listing for this item HERE.

This seller also offers the same pendant on a leather cord, which gives it even more of a 90's feel.  I went with the silver chain, though, because I wanted it to look more delicate and pretty, more like the styles on Urban Outfitters.

Since this necklace was so pretty and so cheap, I decided to order a different style in clear crystal without the chain.  Keep an eye out for an Ebay accessory haul post in the near future. 

Ebay Tips

Since I'm sharing an Ebay purchase with you, I thought I'd also mention a few tips to keep in mind when purchasing low-priced items from Chinese Ebay sellers.

1. Be aware that international shipping takes longer.  Chinese products usually arrive to the United States in about 3 weeks.

2. If there is a problem with your purchase, always contact the seller first before leaving negative feedback. Often, they are very helpful and will try to fix the problem by offering to send out a new item or issuing a refund.  Also, the large time difference can cause a lag in response time, so give them a day or 2 to respond.

3. Check the seller's feedback. Most importantly, look at their negative feedback to see the types of problems buyers have encountered.  Also, feedback for the particular item you are buying can be helpful.  If all listings are private, I tend to feel that the seller is trying to hide specific feedback, which could be a bad sign.

4. Always buy in your currency.  Although listings with Chinese currency are usually slightly cheaper, it can end up costing you extra if your bank charges foreign currency fees. (I found out the hard way that my bank does!) 

3. Don't expect too much for super-cheap items and you won't be disappointed.  Usually, I am really shocked at the quality of items purchased from China compared to the price.  Many times, I wonder how the sellers can possibly make a profit from the transaction.  But keep in mind that Ebay shopping with Chinese sellers is a gamble. They often use stock photos that may not be an accurate depiction of the actual item you receive. (That has happened to me a couple of times.) They may skimp on packaging and the item arrives broken or damaged.  The item might not be durable; it may be flimsy and break or tarnish easily.  That's why I buy trendy impulse items on Ebay and shop elsewhere for classic pieces that I expect to last.

So, do you ever shop Ebay? What's your latest Ebay find? Do you have any Ebay tips to share? 


  1. This is really really pretty- I adore the colour! I do love Ebay for the cheap variety of jewellery etc- I just hate waiting! Great post :)

  2. Oh wow. I think I have a similar necklace in smokey quartz, got it off a yard sale as a child. I still think I have it somewhere... Looks almost identical to this one. But my stone is cut a Little sharper and the setting and chain is gold.. I need to find that Again.

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  6. that is a beautiful pendant - and you got such a great deal on it!
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