Monday, December 16, 2013

Christmas Decor on a Budget

Low Cost Holiday Decorating Ideas

This is my first year in a new apartment.  I was so excited to finally create my very own Christmas decor from scratch!  I wanted to make my place feel festive, without spending a fortune.  So, I thought I'd show you how I made it a very Merry Christmas for my home and my wallet.  

This is the only item I did not buy this year.  I bought this adorable ten-inch tree and its trimmings in a craft store when I was 15.  It has been a part of my holidays ever since. 

This poinsettia garland from Dollar Tree was only $1, and adds a pretty touch to my front door.

I added 3 of these glittery snowflake window clings to each of the mirrors in my entryway. They proved difficult to photograph, but in person, they add a subtle holiday sparkle to the mirrors that are a regular fixture in my living room. I got the entire pack of 9 for just 89 cents at 89 Cents Direct.

This mosaic glass vase is also part of my everyday decor.  I added a touch of Christmas with these red velvet poinsettias from Dollar Tree.  

My sister collects nutcrackers.  She has all shapes and sizes.  This little guy is her newest addition. (Dollar Tree-$1)

I created this shiny centerpiece for my coffee table with a glass vase and ornaments from Dollar Tree.  It cost a total of $2 to make.  If you have extra glass vases or bowls and extra Christmas balls, this is also a great way to re-purpose items you already own!  

I plan to use this vase to store nail polish after the holidays are over.   

This 6ft artificial tree pre-lit with clear lights was only $35 at Family Dollar, but there was also an extra 25% off when I bought it, making my tree only about $27!  

The tree trim is almost exclusively from Dollar Tree.  I also got a pack of 6 disco ball style ornaments from 89 Cents Direct. 

This glittery gold filigree star tree-topper compliments my tree perfectly. Can you believe it? I found it at Dollar Tree for only $1 as well!   

I bought various packs of Christmas balls, 2 five-packs of glitter bows in red and gold, and four strings of poinsettia garland.  In total I spent about $15 on all the tree trimmings! (That includes topper and skirt.) 

My sister and I really wanted to add the trendy ribbon trim we have seen around.  I found this gold with poinsettia wire-trimmed ribbon for 50 cents a roll at Dollar Tree!  We used 2 rolls, and only spent $1!  

Dollar Tree was by far the best place I found for low priced ornaments.  While shopping for Christmas tree items, I visited Target, Kmart, and Walmart.  The prices were much higher than Dollar Tree for the same and similar items! This is true even with those large boxes of Christmas balls that they sell.  Because you are buying a lot, I expected them to be cheaper than the five and ten packs from Dollar Tree, but when you do the math, that is simply not the case. 

The only bad thing about shopping for Christmas decor at Dollar Tree is that there is less choice as far as color and styles.  I had a red and gold color scheme in mind for my tree, and luckily, they had many items in these very traditional colors.  If you were looking to do an unconventionally-colored tree, you might not find what you needed in Dollar Tree.  Also, I stuck to classic balls and ornaments that came five to fifteen per pack.  If you want the larger or more stand-out ornaments, or you have a very full tree, you will pay more.  

Even the tree skirt is from Dollar Tree!!!   

I bought this nutcracker for my sister for $2 at Walmart. 

My holiday decor definitely gives my modern-styled apartment Christmas spirit and a more homey feel.  And I'm proud of the fact that the price for all of it was around $50.  Now, I have more money to spend on Christmas gifts!  

Merry Christmas to all my readers who celebrate.  Have you bought any new Christmas decor this year? What trends and colors do prefer?  Do you go for bargains, DIY, or high-end Christmas style?   


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