Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Sale Alert-

To all my American readers, I wanted to wish you a happy Thanksgiving.  I hope you have a wonderful holiday!  And for my American readers, we also know that with Thanksgiving comes a lot of great sales.  With all the pre-black Friday alerts hitting my inbox, I've already been online shopping like crazy!  

That's why I wanted to tell you about the best deal I've found so far.  Tilly's is having a 50% off sale merchandise promotion with free shipping on all orders-no minimum!!!  Their sale prices are inexpensive to begin with, and after the discount, there are accessories for just $2-$3, tee shirts and sandals for just $5.  I tend to not buy online unless I get free shipping, so, I jump at sales like these.  If you are not familiar with the store, Tilly's is a sort of skater/surfer shop.  They sell brands such as Roxy and Oneil.  Because of the laid-back beachy vibe, I particularly like shopping this site for swimsuits and sundresses.  Here are a couple items I really liked but did not end up buying:

These open oxfords were only $10 after the discount! I saw a similar pair for $25 at Forever 21 just last weekend.

 These adorable sandals were only $8..unfortunately they only had a size 10.

This fringed backpack was just $10. Nice!
They also have lots of cute little rings and necklaces that would make great stocking-stuffers and they carry men's and children's clothing as well, for those of you who are shopping for Christmas gifts.

Although this sale does feature some current season items like sweaters, flannels, and boots, the best deals to are to be found on off-season items.  For all my savy shoppers, it is time to stock up on cute sale items for spring and summer!  If you are someone who has a good feel for trends, you can easily rack up basics and trendy items that will still be cool into the next year.  I always shop this way, and it saves me tons of money.  I saw many items that I liked, but ended up restraining myself to the absolute best bargains.  I ended up buying two cute summer dresses by Full Tilt that were only $5.99 each! Since this is my first time buying from Tilly's I'll do a post about the experience and the items I bought, so look out for that some time soon.     

So, have you found any amazing deals/sales yet?  Do you plan on shopping on Thanksgiving, Black Friday, or Cyber Monday?

For my international readers, does your country have any big shopping days like Black Friday in the US? 

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