Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Review- Holika Holika The King of Bean Cleansing Foam

Today I have a brief review of Holika Holika's King of Bean Cleansing Foam.

I got this cleanser as part of this adorable little "Travel Special Kit" that I bought at the Holika Holika store in South Korea.  I got the kit thinking it was a great way to try out a variety of products, but then I tucked the set away with some other travel items and forgot about it.  When it turned up again, I was really happy to realize that I actually owned some of the Holika Holika products that I had previously sampled and liked. 

The travel kit contains small-sized versions of the following products:
  • Aqua Fantasy Toner
  • Aqua Fantasy Emulsion (check out my review HERE)
  • Miracle Real Skin Finish (check out my review HERE)
  • Bath Girl Candied Rose Body Wash
  • The King of Bean Cleanser 

The kit features some drama or movie actors...K-Drama fans, I hope you will forgive me for not knowing who they are!

So, now onto my review of the King of Bean Cleansing Foam with Black Bean.

Since the packaging is all in Korean, I tried to Google some info about this product for you, but what I came up with was such a terrible English translation that it was just a waste of time to post it.   It said the cleanser contained "King Kong" extract. (OMG-WHAT IS IN THIS STUFF I'VE BEEN WASHING MY FACE WITH?!)  I'm hoping something was lost in translation there and that no enormous gorillas were harmed in the making of this product... 

Aside from the, er, unusual ingredients, this cleanser is what I have come to expect from a Korean facial cleanser.  It comes out of the tube thick and white and creates the lush and frothy foam that I know and love!  I am so spoiled by the richness of Korean facial cleansers that I think I will never go back to American products.  This cleanser is gentle but gets the job done.  I do not use a whole lot of heavy face makeup, other than eyeliner/mascara (which I remove with eye makeup remover) so the King of Bean effectively removes my makeup and leaves my face feeling fresh and clean.  If you wear a lot of foundation or other heavy makeup, you might need some additional makeup remover.  I find this cleanser to be gentler than my previous Missha Creamy Strawberry Latte Cleansing Foam.  The Strawberry Latte always left my skin feeling a little tight, but the King of Bean leaves my skin clean without drying it out.  So, I would recommend this product for those with normal-dry skin.  The scent of the cleanser is mild and pleasant.  It is mostly a light soapy smell mixed with a hint of sweet/yummy aroma.  Overall, the product isn't anything unique or outstanding, but I really like this basic facial cleanser and would highly recommend it.  Because of the youthful trendy vibe of their marketing, I assumed that Holika Holika products wouldn't be as high quality as other Korean brands, but I have been proven wrong! From my experience, all of their products have been stellar.  Holika Holika is a brand that I would buy without reservations. 

So what is your favorite facial cleanser? Why do you love it?


  1. I love Holika Holika but never tried this yet :D thanks for sharing x

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    1. Yeah, I was really pleasantly surprised by the brand-it is good stuff. Thanks your comment, hun :-)

  2. I love trying products from different countries! I recently got some amazing cleansers from Paris!

    Nice blog :)


    1. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment, and I love your blog as well :-) Great 90's outfits.