Monday, June 16, 2014

New In: Sandals/Shoe Factory Store Review

Hi everyone!  I recently bought these two pairs of sandals at Shoe Factory, a local Philadelphia shoe store.

These thick strapped gladiator sandals are right on-trend and were only $9.99! 

My pictures do not do these shoes justice-they are so cute on!

Not only are these stylish, the material of the straps is straps is very soft and the shoes are really comfy.  

These nude sandals were also $9.99. They are made of a soft microsuede fabric embellished with plastic studs.  I like how they kind of blend into my feet, giving a very neutral and minimalist look.

I decided to write this post after I realized there was barely any information about Shoe Factory online!  This is a local family-owned Philly store that I have been shopping at my whole life.  So, I wanted to do a quick review on this awesome store.

Shoe factory is located in Northeast Philadelphia at Castor and Tyson Avenues.  It is within walking distance of the Roosevelt Mall.  You can check out their Facebook page here.

Shoe Factory sells discount women's shoes and some girls' sizes as well.  The prices are really reasonable, with their shoes averaging about $15 full price. (Their winter boots tend to be more in the $30 range full price.) They also regularly mark down their merchandise throughout the season.  Sometimes there are sales where the whole store is marked down.  Many times, I have picked up some cute shoes there for $4-$7!

Their selection is really random.  They offer shoes in every imaginable color and style.  This store is a great place to check out if you need to match a certain outfit or want some sexy shoes for a night out or a formal event.  They carry many fashion-forward and over-the-top styles.  You can find anything from basic to attention-grabbing, flats to stilettos.  Most of their shoes are unknown brands, or inexpensive brands like Bamboo, Qupid, or Classified.  Occasionally, you might find a store brand like Charlotte Russe or Forever 21.  As a size 5.5/6 I find the selection hit or miss.  Often, they don't have my size, or the sizes run too big for me.  My sister who is a 7.5/8 fares much better.

They only have one location, and the store is cramped with tables stacked with shoes.  It is almost always crowded.  When I can, I like to go on week nights when it is a little more quiet.  There is not much space to walk or try on anything on, but I consider the less-then-perfect shopping experience a small price to pay for such a huge variety of cute and inexpensive shoes!

I also saw a number of bad reviews of Shoe Factory's customer service on store review sites.  This has not been my experience, but I have witnessed moments of tension between staff and other customers while shopping there.  I personally think that this stems from two things: Shoe Factory's bag-check policy, and their return policies.  The staff asks that all larger bags are checked-including handbags!  This is not a common store policy, so I think it leaves some shoppers feeling disgruntled.  I consider it an inconvenience that I'm willing to accept in order to get a good deal, and I simply leave my handbag in the car if it is large.  Also, Shoe Factory's return policy is very strict.  I'm not sure of the details, because I don't do returns, but I think returns are only issued as store credit and many sales are final.  These policies tend to annoy certain customers, but since Shoe Factory is a small privately owned store, it is the owners' prerogative, and being demanding and pushy will get you nowhere! I have been shopping there since I was a pre-teen and never had an issue with customer service.

Shoe Factory is one of my favorite places to shop for shoes, because there are so many great deals to be found.  Just leave your big purse and your attitude at home, and try not to go on Saturday afternoon!

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  1. Both are so cute!


  2. They look nice. Sometimes there are bad reviews of places but you still gotta try it out yourself.

  3. Loving the beige sandals! I recently got two pairs at target and they were 40% off!!

    Raincouver Beauty

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    Love Vikee

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