Friday, June 7, 2013

Bargain Brag: Urban Sale Haul

I recently placed my first-ever order on  I used to find great deals at Urban Outfitters in Boston and San Francisco, but here in Philly, it is very rare for me to shop there, although I do browse online once in awhile.  

Generally I prefer to buy clothes in-store rather than online, in order to check out the fit/quality and avoid paying shipping charges.  I only order online if I can get free shipping (or if shipping is very low).

While shopping the Memorial Day sales online, I happened to find quite a few things on Urban Outfitters that I liked (enough that I qualified for free shipping).  However, I decided that I should save my money, and I ended up walking away from my cart.

When I checked back a few days later, the prices had dropped down even lower after the holiday!  I decided to go ahead and grab these deals before they were gone. 

Skater Skirt with Faux Leather Trim

This pretty white skater dress features a textured fabric and mesh panels in the back. 

Mint Green scuba drop waist skirt

This black scuba skirt is the same as the mint. I got two since this was a super deal.

Acid Wash mini with slight high-low hem. 

So, how do you feel about online shopping? Love it or hate it? What good online sales have you spotted lately?


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  2. hey love the skirts...lets follow each other

    1. Hi. Thanks for stopping by. I love your beautiful blog and I'm following you now :-)