Monday, February 4, 2013

Bargain Haul

Although I shop the website all the time, I had never ordered from until about two weeks ago.  I almost always prefer shopping in-store because I tend to get better sales in the stores, plus I'm able to try clothes on and there is no shipping fee.  If I do order online, I make sure that the shipping is either free, or I place a large order that makes the shipping price per item work out to be very little.  I have seen have some really good additional 50% off sales on their sale items, but once I'm shopping, I either find out the items I want are sold out, or I don't find enough things to qualify for free shipping, so I walk away.  However, this time I saw quite a few nice basic pieces, so I finally placed an order.  All of the items I got will easily transition into spring, and they are classic, so I can wear them next fall as well.

Faux Leather Sleeved Moto Jacket- $9.49
This jacket is my favorite item of the whole haul.  It got rave reviews on the site, and I see why.  It's hip and stylish yet simple and classic.  As all the reviewers mentioned, it looks even nicer in real life!  This will be my go to spring jacket for sure.

Cropped Chain Trimmed Jacket- $9.99
I saw this jacket in the store a couple months ago.  I really liked it, and it fit me great. It's original price was $40, so I decided against it at the time.  I was delighted to see it on sale! I can wear this dressed up for work, or dressed down with some jeans.

Rose Lace Shirt- $4.49
The 2 reviews said this ran really small and short.  Since I'm small and short, I wasn't concerned. (haha) I did go a size up just to make sure the buttons didn't strain.  I probably could have done a small, but the medium fits fine.  This is a really cute top for early spring!

Cable Knit Sweater- $6.49
This sweater is so nice.  It is soft, timeless, and great for any look.

Multi Striped Sweater-$5.49
My photo doesn't do this sweater justice!  The color is very nice in real life.  It is a great little sweater that can go with anything.  I really like the textured pattern of the knit.

Essential Multi-Knit Cardigan-$5.49
I really like this cardigan, but I wish I had gotten a color other than white.  In person, I just don't like it too much in white... But I'm sure it will come in handy on chilly spring days.

Paneled Open-Knit Sweater-$4.99
This sweater is an awesome basic black sweater.  I can think of a million ways to wear it!

Chain Link Bomber Jacket-$7.49
This jacket (in a slightly different print) was featured in People Style Watch this month.  I think it's versatile and cute.  Can't wait to wear it once the weather warms up.

So, do you prefer shopping online or in the stores?  What are your favorite websites to order from?     


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    1. Thanks, sweetie! Such a compliment since I love your style!

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    1. Hi. Thanks for stopping by. I am following you, follow back if you like :-)

  3. wunderful :) I love the first jacket !!

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    1. Thanks, dear! But don't encourage me!!! My shopping is out of control lately. hahaha. I'll be checking Forever21 this weekend, they usually have the 50% promos on holiday weekends :-)